Author Lupitauribe in Mathematics, 08.17.2018

The coordinates of the vertices of ANGLE PQR are P(-3,3), Q(2,3), and R(-3,-4). Locate the side lengths to the nearest hundredth and the angle measures to the nearest degree.

Answered by FileT

Answer: PQ=5, QR=radical 61= 7.81, angle: 50degrees,Why:PQ=|-3|+2=5PR=6angle Alfa, so there is right angle triangle PQR so I can use following formula:PQ^2 + RP^2=QR^2;25 + 36=QR^2;QR=radical 61also I can use: sinus (angle)=PR/QR;sin(angle)=6/radical61=0.76822 which gives angle to beĀ little bit more than 50 degrees{sinus 50 degrees=0,7660}.

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