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Search results for"A shipment of 18 cars, some weighing 3,000 pounds, and the others weighing 5,000 pounds each. The shipment has a total weight of 30 tons. (60,000 lbs). Find the number of each sort of car."

Answered by livingakingsomeday

The best way to solve a problem like this is to set up two equations. First assign a variable to each thing you are trying to find. In this case, it's two different kinds of cars. Let's call the cars that weigh 3,000 pounds x, and the ones that weigh 5,000 y. The two equations you should write are: x+y=18 (because the problem tells you there were 18 cars in total)3000x+5000y=60000 (because that is the total weight in the problem)Next, you need to solve for one of the variables. I will solve for x first by subtracting y from both sides of the first equation.x=18-yThen you have to plug that into the other equation to get:3000(18-y)+5000y=60000Simplify and solve for y:54000-3000y+5000y=6000054000+2000y=600002000y=6000y=3Now that you know what y equals, you can put it into the equation we solved for x:x=18-3x=15So there are 15 cars that weigh 3000 pounds and 3 that weigh 5000.

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