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In which one of these sentences could you use a semicolon? A If you ask me Jerry is a tennis whiz. B When she is worried Lucille eats a lot. C Jerry enjoys tennis he plays everyday. D Lucille brought it home and purchased a brand new tennis racket.

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I think it's C.Because, lemme put commas on each sentences....(1) If you ask me, Jerry is a tennis whiz. (2) When she is worried, Lucille eats a lot. (3) Jerry loves tennis, he plays everyday. (4) Lucille bought a new tennis racket and brought it home. << Where should I put it?So, (4) is automatically out of question. (1) and (2) seems okay with comma, but (3) is a little bit weird. (3) supposed to have 'and' in the middle, but it's not there. So, you can put semicolon there, to separate the words.

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