Author Redheadjenna in English, 08.24.2018

As objects of a preposition used are pronouns used in which sentence? 1. The next song was composed by you and me.2. I'll find a good seat near Doug and she.3. Please show the images to Ginny, us, and them.4. You can enter the cave with Ed and I.

Answered by Gravity

I think it is number 4 because 2 and 3 don't work (if you say them out loud it sounds funny and doesn't work) and number 1 should be "the next song was written by (e.g Tom) and I"

Answered by EmJT

I think it's number 1, as 2 and 3 are definitely not correct. In regards to number 4, if you took "Ed and" our of the sentence then saying "You can enter the cave with I." does not make sense, whereas if you took "you and" out of number 1 it still makes sense.

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