Author Hilda1383 in English, 08.18.2018

What does Jill's stomach tied itself into a knot mean? What does please don't beat around the bush mean? What does her heart became a bass drum as her project was born mean? What does Jill's face became a calm ocean as her eyes snapped back open mean? What does the large spray nozzle hanging from the faucet like an elephants trunk?

Answered by xsarawx

I'm gonna say the first one means that Jill is really nervous or worried

Answered by allybamford

Jill is very nervous or anxious. Don't beat around the bush kinda means don't do something irrelevant so that you can avoid something else that you have to do. Jill's heart becoming a bass drums means that something was causing her heart to beat fast, it could be worry, anxiety, fear, etc. Her face becoming a calm ocean means she calmed down. The spray nozzle is simply being compared to the way an elephants trunk hangs loosely

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