Author Rhi in English, 08.03.2018

What does this quote mean? "Our desire to conform is greater than our respect for objective facts"? And you either defend, challenge, or neutral for the quote. Explain.

Answered by callmejuliee

I believe that means that we would rather fit in with society even if what society believes is not true. It can be true in some cases, so I am neutral for the quote. Many people believe that there is a god even if there is no "definite" proof of a being so powerful, but some people would rather conform instead of agreeing with the objective facts. (That's one example). However, for some, they would rather be with the true-facts instead of society.

Answered by cottooo

I am drawn to believe it means we are oblivious to out surroundings and don't know what is actually going on underneath it all. And that we are just a herd of sheep where all we are concerned about is being like one another.

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