Author Jongal98 in Chemistry, 03.14.2019

How does temperature, pressure and surface area affect the dissolving process

Answered by HELPbritt

If I am correct, yes. As I was told in chemistry, the surface area affects the dissolving of the "sugar". If you put regular Surat in a hot cup of coffee, it will dissolve at a quick pace, but what if you put the same amount of sugar in the same amour of coffee, but the sugar was fine powder? It would dissolve even faster since it has more surface area. So temperature does affect the dissolving. Hope this helps!

Answered by tadvisohil886

Temperature : - DIssolving process is fastened by increase in temperture.( directly proportional)Pressure : -  Dissolving process is fastened by decrease in pressure.( inversely proportional)Surface area - Dissolving process is fastened by increase in surface area. ( directly proportional)

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