Author AnglaBailin873 in Biology, 08.19.2019

Following a recent experiment, a scientist noticed that the computer simulation varied in the actual experiment. What should the scientist do?

Answered by AL2006

Here's what he must do:-- Run the experiment again, several times if possible.  Combine or
analyze the results of the several experimental runs in some statistically
valid way.-- Run the simulation again, several times.  Combine or analyze the results of the several simulations in some statistically valid way.-- Then, compare the analysis of several experimental runs with the analysis of several simulations, in some statistically valid way, to decide whether theyreally don't track.-- If they do, then look for ways to tighten up the simulation so that maybethey can track better.-- If they don't, then he's back to before Square-1.  He not only has to deal with the question of whether or not his experiment is valid, but he also has to consider the possibility that his simulation is trash and doesn't actually model nature like he expected it to.

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